Anti Fraud Award 2015

On Thursday October 8th, Transparency International Netherlands has won the Anti Fraud Award 2015. The Expert Committee had chosen 3 nominees from 20 submissions who had a chance to winning the Anti Fraud Award on October 8th during the Fraud Film Festival in 2015. The nominees were:

The FIOD, Transparency International and the NRC Handelsblad. The independent Expert Committee has awarded the Award to Transparancy International due to its unbridled ambition and visibility, which makes it a tough opponent to corrupt parties anywhere in the world.

The bronze coloured award has been especially designed by the famous artist Jeroen Spijker and symbolizes ‘alertness’.

The three nominees are selected from a longlist of many selected fraud fighters and fraud initiatives in our country.

  • Opsporing verzocht
  • ECP Platform for Information Society
  • Johanna Reddingius
  • Fraud team of the National Service of Identity data
  • Bob Hoogenboom
  • National Cyber Security Center
  • Belastingdienst / FIOD
  • Information and Expertise Center
  • NL Confidential
  • Fraud Helpdesk
  • Nederland ICT
  • Alert Online
  • Stichting Fraude Aanpak Detailhandel
  • Transparency International Netherlands
  • NRC Handelsblad
  • DSW Zorgverzekeraar
  • Verbond van Verzekeraars/CBV
4 & 5 oct
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