Expert Comité

An independent Expert Committee reviews the nominations and selects the winner. Three nominees  and one winner are selected from a longlist of 20 candidates. The Expert Committee consists of the following persons:


Adriaan van Dorp (Chariman)

fff adriaan van dorp

Adriaan van Dorp is director Security & Intelligence Management and member of the ABN AMRO Bank Management Group. He manages a team that is engaged in research into various forms of financial crime. Before that he used to work in management positions at the Amsterdam-Amstelland police and the National Police. There he manages the Intelligence Unit of the National Investigation. After his studies on the Police Academy he graduates as an organizational anthropologist. Perhaps that explains his focus on a resilient society, changes in culture and leadership. Adriaan focuses on a sustainable financial industry that pursues integrity, transparency and simplicity.


André Brantjes (Member)

fraude film festival andre brantjes

André Brantjes has been a lawyer since 1987 in labor, business and sports law with an office in Amsterdam and a Dutch Desk in Boston. He represents the interests of (inter) national companies, athletes and sports federations. From the Boston office he assists companies and startups that are considering investing in the Netherlands.

He is known as an advocate of the Professional Football Coaches and Michael Rasmussen. Next to that, he is an arbitrator for the sports tribunal in Lausanne, where disciplinary, transfer and doping cases on match fixing and disputes are being settled (biting incident Suárez, Claudia Pechstein).

Brantjes Advocaten Amsterdam

Inge-Lisa Toxopeus-De Vries (Member)

fraude film festival inge lisa toxopeus

Inge-Lisa is a certified public accountant. She is a specialist in fraud investigation and calculation of financial loss. She has worked for the Big Four for fifteen years, and in advocacy. She bridges the gap between law and accountancy. Next to executing research, Inge-Lisa is actively involved in education. She is also involved in the postgraduate studies Forensic Financial Expert at the Erasmus University. Besides that, Inge-Lisa gives lectures to lawyers, trustees and magistrates on: financial analysis, reading financial statements and financial losses.

Hermes Advisory & Firm Onderwijs

Ronald Prins (Lid)


In 1995, Ronald graduates in mathematics from the Technical University of Delft. His career starts at the department of digital technology of the NFI. His expertise: encryption. He has a prominent role in decrypting security measures which are encountered by law enforcement.

In 1999 he founds Fox-IT with Menno van der Marel. Fox-IT has a crucial role in Dutch cyber security. The company develops equipment for the protection of state secrets, performs digital investigation of integrity and fraud offenses, and protects government and businesses. Fox-IT is regularly in the news, to explain security issues for example.


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