Anti Fraud Award

Nominations Anti Fraud Award 2019 announced

The Anti Fraud Award is intended as a token of appreciation for a person, an organization or an initiative that has demonstrably distinguished itself in the fight against fraud and is therefore an exemplary function and a source of inspiration for others.

It will be the sixth time this year that the Anti Fraud Award is presented. Last year this honor went to Bart de Koning for his book “Friendship Policy, Fraud and Corruption in the Netherlands”. Who will receive this prestigious prize this year will be announced on Thursday 3 October during the Fraude Film Festival. Previous winners of the Anti Fraud Award have been Ripped Off ?! (2014), Transparency International (2015), Peter Olsthoorn (2016), Team High Tech Crime (2017) and Bart de Koning (2018). The longlist with nineteen nominations for this year is given below in random order.

Longlist Anti Fraud Award 2019


Willeke Slingerland

Because this Lector at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences leads a group that conducts practice-oriented research into preventing and combating financial and economic crime. Willeke did research into the relationship between networks and corruption and obtained his PhD. This year her book “Network Corruption: When Social Capital Becomes Corrupted” was published.

Young Financial Crime

Because YFC is responsible for bringing together young professionals working in the fight against Financial-Economic Crime, in order to increase knowledge and experience in this area and to create networks of professionals.

Maarten Alleman / Perseuss

Because Maarten started setting up an alert network for fraud in the travel and aviation industry in 2008. The innovative and data-driven approach of Perseuss and the partnership with IATA have, over the past 10 years, led to a worldwide platform with which frauds are shared and adopted by most of the airline industry.


Because the FACT team of the FIOD through their energetic approach and cooperation with various investigation services and private sector was able to successfully investigate and bring down one of the largest Crypto Currency Money Laundering service called Bestmixer. It has never been shown before that an online money laundering service has been successfully stopped. The information obtained from the research can help solve various cyber crime and online drug trade cases. It is extra special that the FACT team is a fairly young team.


The Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (DITSS) Foundation is an important innovation platform for safety and security. Permanent innovation is not a goal in itself, but a means to be able to respond proactively to relevant construction and development tasks related to safety in society. DITSS is especially powerful in building living labs, operational testing grounds and setting up practice-oriented innovation environments.


Because the Coordination Center against Human Trafficking (CoMensha) is a national organization that defends the interests and rights of victims of human trafficking and labor exploitation. To this end, they took the special initiative of a traveling photo exhibition about portraits and stories of victims of human trafficking under the meaningful name “open your eyes”.

Eliot Higgins / Bellingcat

Because he is the founder of this innovative and international research collective. The way in which they contribute to major investigations proves the power of the Internet. Nothing is hidden from Bellingcat.

Paul Depla

Because this mayor of Breda, with his approach to drug crime, has earned the unofficial title of “crime fighter”. In his fight against drug crime, he is also a champion of legalizing drugs. The cannabis industry is the most undermining form of drug crime because it draws crime to so many ordinary citizens, says Paul Depla.

Dutch Professional Association of Accountants

Because this year the NBA has made PE points for Fraud mandatory for accountancy. They believe that it is the responsibility of all accountants in the financial chain to identify fraud risk factors, fraud risks and fraud and to follow up if necessary. The NBA board has decided that in 2019 all accountants will be required to follow the “Fraud Risk Factors” training course.

Herman Bolhaar

Because Herman Bolhaar as National Rapporteur promotes the approach to human trafficking and sexual violence against children. He does this by means of thorough research and putting agenda items on the agenda, in which many different perspectives are weighed and developments both in the Netherlands and abroad are translated into concrete recommendations.

Project Hack_Right / Team High Tech Crime and Public Prosecution Service

Because the Hack_Right program has been specially developed for young hackers between the ages of 12 and 23 as an alternative, part or supplement to the criminal proceedings. The goal is to get and keep these “first offenders” on the right track. Public and private parties work together against recidivism and for talent. It is currently being investigated how Hack_Right can be used to prevent young people from becoming unintentionally cyber criminals.

Betrapt! / Thijs Zeeman and Jens Olde Kalter

Because the SBS6 program caught! confronts scammers, defaulters and other criminals. They stand up for the victims of these improper practices and not entirely without danger.

Jan Meeus

Because this crime reporter recently published the book “De Schiedamse cocaine mafia” after thorough research into drug trafficking, corruption and the fight against organized crime. His conclusion: “the current approach to cocaine trafficking is doomed to fail”.


Because FairWork focuses on combating and preventing modern slavery and labor exploitation in the Netherlands. They offer support to victims and stand up for their interests. FairWork has three focus areas, namely guide victims who want to break out of isolation, train professionals who come into contact with victims and the public, make politicians and employers aware of the problem and encourage more attention and action.

SZW inspection

Because the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate has been very successful in the past year, in particular in combating benefit fraud. They have demonstrated several serious abuses, including at the UWV.

Daniël Verlaan

Because this special journalist knows better than anyone how to expose the dark corners of the internet and demand attention for it. For example, he went undercover with various profiles and spent a few months on the Darkweb and infiltrated, among other things, in the terrible networks of child abuse. His mission is to warn the general public about this by incorporating his experiences into a book about the powers of the internet: from criminal hackers to the dark web.

Hetty van Laar

Because Hetty has been working as a whistleblower for 8 years against SNS Reaal fraud, in the interest of expropriated shareholders and the victimized taxpayers.


Because Safened enables financial institutions to identify customers quickly but thoroughly in order to prevent fraud. In the Finance category, the Safened startup was chosen as the winner of the Accenture Innovation Awards during the Innovation Summit 2018. According to the jury, the company offers the financial industry a solution for an existing problem that is difficult to solve.

Huib Modderkolk

Because this investigative journalist specializes in intelligence services and with his publications and disclosures knows how to introduce unique information into the public (and political) debate. In 2018 he already won Loep 2018 for his publications on the role of the AIVD in Russian interference in the American elections.

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