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During the festival on October 3rd and 4th, various break-out sessions will be organized by partners of the Fraude Film Festival.

LAB sessions are self-contained interactive workshops, where, during the Break-out sessions a specific theme is explored further often as a result of a documentary.

Would you like to explore a theme further with a select group of visitors to the festival (20 to 30 people)? Keep an eye on this page and sign up for one of the break-out sessions soon.

Thursday 3 October 2019 13.15h – 14.45h (the Prosecutor’s Office/FIOD)

* this session will be held in Dutch

Breakout session in the context of theme “Moneyland” 

Moderator: Arjen Tillema, former attorney at the Financial Mile (Zuidas) and former Chair of Transparency International Nederland, at present advisor to the Board of the FIOD (Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service)

Money Laundering is a major problem that has to be tackled together. The cabinet, supervisors, the Financial Intelligence Unit, the Prosecutor’s Office, the financial sector and accountants therefore tie forces to ensure that criminals will not be able to gain a foothold in our financial system.” said Minister of Finance Hoekstra when announcing the National Plan of Action against Money Laundering this summer.

The documentary The Kleptocrats – which is part of the Prosecutor’s Office/FIOD section of the FFF program – shows how the financial system can be abused for serious crime. A phenomenon we surely also encounter in the Netherlands. Large amounts of money are laundered in or through our country. The National Plan aims to, in this context, offer solutions by raising barriers for criminals, making gatekeepers better play their role in society and by strengthening investigation and prosecution. The aim is to do this together, in our “polder land”, to prevent criminals from abusing our financial system and to make that system safer.

During this break out session at EYE in Amsterdam the Prosecutor’s Office and the FIOD will enter into an indepth discussion with various experts and the audience on the different aspects of this plan. Will the – intended – measures indeed make it more difficult for criminals to abuse the system? What should the cooperation intended by the Minister look like? Could leniency for those that report help in catching criminals? Could law firms help in doing investigations or is this not done? And what implications can be expected for our financial sector at the Financial Mile, or for a shopping street like the Damrak? These and many other topics will be discussed.

The composition of the panel mirrors that this is a topic to tackle together. Confirmed to speak are Paul Vlaanderen (Transparency International Nederland), Eric Smit (Follow the Money), Thomas Bosch (Prosecutor’s Office), Angelique Keijsers (Rabobank), Ton Scholing (Anti Money Laundering Centre), Marike Bakker (NautaDutilh) and Maarten Groothuizen (member of parliament, D66).

The break out is open for anyone present at the FFF on October 3rd, 2019. Do you want to participate in the discussion? Available seats are limited so do not hesitiate to register. You can register by sending an email to We look forward to your presence!

3 & 4 oct
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