Day of the Fraud Investigator

One of our founding partners of the Fraud Film Festival, the IFFC, is organizing the Day of the Fraud Investigator on 18 April 2019 in the Fokker Terminal in The Hague.

Is former property icon Roger Lips a white-collar criminal with debts of more than 500 million euros? And / or are he and his family the victims of malicious practices of conspiring Dutch banks, receivers and courts?
An intriguing investigation into the truth in the ‘blistering war’ between former real estate icon Roger Lips and fraud investigators as a keynote of the Fraud Investigator Day on Thursday, April 18th

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“Nothing is the truth and the truth is nothing”

A non-concealing keynote presentation

Investigative journalists Hans PĂ©rukel and Peter Olsthoorn, the makers of this documentary, tell their story and findings during the keynote session.

Subsequently, a discussion with three fascinating experts and the undoubtedly enthusiastic and highly involved public, and various exciting break-out sessions, discuss the various research techniques, risks, obstacles and pitfalls, with questions such as;

  • What exactly is truth finding?
  • Do different types of researchers yield different truths?
  • How independent is the fraud investigator?
  • Is public-private collaboration a must or an impassable path?
  • Does search work across borders and if so, how does it work?
  • How do you do careful research and prevent a witch hunt?
  • What ethics and rules are you bound by as a fraud investigator?

At the end of this day you are not only aware of the most important new trends, but you have also gained more insight into the current forms of fraud investigation and truth-finding and you have considerably expanded your network of fraud investigators with interesting professionals from both the government as business and knowledge institutions!


More info

The IFFC looks forward to seeing you (back) on 18 April 2019 at the Fraud Investigator Day in the Fokker Terminal, Binckhorstlaan 249 in The Hague. Here on the website of the IFFC , a founding partner of the Fraud Film Festival, you will find all information and can register.

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