Main theme in 2019: Exploitation!

When there is corruption, there can be no human rights. Increasingly the world seems to be turning into the “Wild West”. Corruption undermines the very fabric of our society and financial-economic crime is the motor that increasingly drives the disruption of the world as we know it.

Many institutions that were established to safeguard basic human rights, no longer seem relevant in an ever more competitive and conflict-ridden world. The rule of law and loopholes therein are considered opportunities to derive benefit from. People are a commodity. Social, democratic, financial and economic systems and the urgency of the continuous news cycle and media are all to be exploited for often shady criminal purposes or financial gain. Dark money even drives today’s politics. It affects us all.

How can we turn the tide and combat innovative ways of committing fraud? By bringing together governmental institutions, corporations and the general public, by working together under a common goal.

3 & 4 oct
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