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What are the rates?

The first day of the Fraud Film Festival is on invitation only and the second day (October 4) is public. If you want tickets for the first day you can send a request to  info@fraudefilmfestival.nl

4 October 2019
Full day: € 69,50
half a day: € 34,75

(mentioned prices are included VAT and a 2% service fee)

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets for the second day can be purchased via the website of the Fraud Film Festival. For information about tickets for the first day of the festival, please contact the organization via info@fraudefilmfestival.nl.

Is het possible to return or trade purchases?

Returning online purchases is not possible. These are definite once the payment process has been completed. For information about trading your purchase please contact us via info@fraudefilmfestival.nl.

I have an access code, how do I order tickets?

When ordering tickets, the first step requires a (discount) code. In the next step, the discount is immediately deducted.

I am a partner, how do I order tickets?

As a partner of the Fraude Film Festival you will receive a code with which tickets can be ordered directly, without any additional costs, via the website of the Fraude Film Festival. Enter this code at the first step of the registration form.

3 & 4 oct
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