Lab sessions

Fraud Film Festival collaborates with several partners in organising lab sessions. This year we will offer a wide range of interesting workshops at the location of A Lab, close to EYE, which will run simultaneously alongside the programme in EYE.

A Lab offers an innovative professional environment to a melting pot of creative and technological companies in SHELL’s previous laboratory in Amsterdam. The space is being used on a daily basis by 300 members of this creative community. A Lab and several members are partnering again with Fraud Film Festival.

We would like to welcome you to a stimulating and exhilarating array of workshops.

Temptation Revisited!

Back by popular demand and revisited with new cases.

The national police’s intelligence and investigatory services take you on a journey through everyman’s process when one is confronted with a moral dilemma and an impossible choice. Any choice will inevitably lead to dire personal consequences for the person involved. The workshop offers insight in how anyone can become a perpetrator of serious crimes.

Participants place themselves in the position where they will have to consider dilemma’s similar to those perpetrators of significant crimes related to corruption and fraud. What psychological mechanisms play a part when criminal behaviour emerges. How much of a factor is temptation or fear to submit to that kind of behaviour or to avoid it. Maybe we are all inclined to live a life of crime, should opportunity arise?

Whistleblower: hero, traitor or just normal?

Would you happen to know what makes for inappropriate behaviour in a professional setting? Would you come forward? Or would you remain uninvolved?

Inappropriate, or downright criminal or unethical behaviour in the workplace has become common. Massive fraud schemes, sexual intimidation – #METOO – or discriminatory cases easily come to mind.

The reality is that it is not easy to come forward. People believe it is not acceptable to speak your mind or simply not allowed. Many are afraid of personal repercussions. Everyone knows where Edward Snowden now spends his days…

During this lab session, offered to you by People Intouch, you will discover how it is possible to create an environment where coming forward – or speaking up – may just become the “new normal”

Pressure Cooker: Fighting fraud in one hour

Company fraud. You would hate to think of it, but now you are confronted with a case and you are challenged to solve it. Together with four fellow researchers, you will be guided by a PwC analyst in a hypothetical scenario. The way out is hidden within the data. You will be encouraged to interpret relevant sources and to ask questions in a structured way.

But how do you make the right choices under pressure, do you solve the fraud and do you ensure that your business continues to run in the meantime? During this lab session of PwC you will experience how you can do this as a fraud researcher in one hour.

“The ‘perp’ or ‘the joint?’’

  • Suitable
  • Unsuitable

The Public Prosecutor’s office takes you behind the scenes of major fraud cases that usually are being kept from the public eye. What considerations and interests play a part in administering the proper and relevant sentence. Or is there an alternative to punishment? Why do some sentences feel more like proper settlement than others. The Public Prosecutor offers you an interactive exchange on how you make a choice between the interests of the perpetrator, society and relevant victims, in this case major companies.

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