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Fraud Film Festival collaborates with several partners in organising lab sessions. This year we will offer a wide range of interesting workshops at the location of A Lab, close to EYE, which will run simultaneously alongside the programme in EYE.

A Lab offers an innovative professional environment to a melting pot of creative and technological companies in SHELL’s previous laboratory in Amsterdam. The space is being used on a daily basis by 300 members of this creative community. A Lab and several members are partnering again with Fraud Film Festival.

Het A Lab is right across the Eye Filmmuseum

We would like to welcome you to a stimulating and exhilarating array of workshops.

When the Shit Hits the Fan

Time: 09.00 – 10.00 h
Partner: NVWA

Why is it so hard for farmers to comply with manure application law? How do you uphold the law in a sector with a high regulatory burden and low acceptance of these laws?
During this session we will investigate why it is so difficult to protect water, climate, soil and biodiversity against the harmful effects of manure in the Netherlands.
What (geo) political, economic, cultural and social mechanisms are involved in manure fraud in the Netherlands?
In this workshop organized by the Public Prosecution Service and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority we look beyond livestock farming in the Netherlands, since the problems involving manure are not limited to the Netherlands.

Hidden Traces Online

Thursday: 10.30 -12.00 h
Friday: 10.25 – 11.55 h
Partner: DataExpert

In this session you become acquainted with the approach of several agencies and governing bodies concerning the enforcement of heavy crime cases by the usage of open source information combined with existing (own) data. What methods do they use to retrieve valuable information from those types of data, partly through the use of open source data and the Darkweb. Be inspired by this way of working applied by the Brabant Zeeland region in the fight against subversive crime and discover what access to the Darkweb could add to your investigation.

College “Modern Slavery”

Thursday: 13.30 – 14.30 h
Friday: 13.25 – 14.25 h
Partner: ABN Amro

According to Dutch law, human trafficking is defined as forcibly recruiting, transporting, moving, accommodating or sheltering another person for the purpose of exploitation. Persons can be exploited criminally (where they are forced to shoplift, for example), in the sex industry or in other industries, known as labour exploitation. The occurrence of labour exploitation is often underestimated in Western European countries such as the Netherlands. According to the Dutch National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking, there are about 6000 cases a year, whereas only 141 cases were reported by victims last year. The under-reporting of the crime adds to the difficulty of identifying indicators of human trafficking.
For ABN AMRO, respecting human rights means first of all that we address human rights risks in our own operations and business relationships. In addition, we are looking to make an impact on society at large. Human trafficking is a crime that, for a large extent, relies on the accessibility of financial services, not only to launder funds, but also for the financing of the crime itself. As a bank, we should take an active role in raising awareness among our clients, and society in general, on the severity and extent of human trafficking worldwide.
This is why ABN AMRO joined forces with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, and University of Amsterdam to develop a new method of data analysis to combat human trafficking, and labour exploitation in particular. How does the Public-Private Partnership work, what are its challenges, and what is the added value of this cooperation? Furthermore, with the College on Modern Slavery, ABN AMRO and Fraud Film Festival encourage you to think of other global challenges that may be countered through a similar partnership.

Pressure Cooker: Unravel a Money Laundering Scheme in 90 Minutes

Time: 15.15 – 16.45 h
Partner: PwC

No company wants to be involved in a money laundering scheme. Nevertheless, the number of money laundering incidents worldwide seems to be increasing. What can we learn from this and what can we do to avoid being implicated? In this A LAB session, you are working for a fictitious company that is confronted with a money laundering scandal. Under the guidance of an analyst, you are working through a hypothetical scenario. It is up to you to delve into the matter. How do you proceed?

A risk-driven approach is the key to success. You are encouraged to interpret relevant sources and ask the right questions. You will be presented with difficult choices with limited information. You will, of course, receive a healthy dose of data, but what does this date offer. During and after the game, best practices are discussed and knowledge is exchanged between the participants and the developers of this A LAB session.

The Anti-Money Laundering Center and PwC have joined forces to develop this simulation. With this A LAB session, we want to share knowledge and increase awareness and risk-driven thinking about anti-money laundering. Of course, we are actively looking for your input: what do you need to effectively combat money laundering and how can we help you with that?

3 & 4 oct
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