All documentaries from the Fraud Film Festival are introduced by highly valued speakers and discussion leaders and discussed afterwards with the public and invited guests.

Fraud Film Festival is an independent platform to raise awareness on the disruptive force of fraud on society. All moderators are highly experienced investigative journalists or highly esteemed professionals that bring their valuable know-how to the table. They will interact with the panel and audience.

Eva Wiessing

Eva Wiessing is an economy reporter at NOS News, with a special focus on macroeconomic developments in the eurozone and banking. In 2008, after the fall of Lehman Brothers, she reported on the financial crisis in the US. Shortly thereafter, she followed the rescue operations of ABN Amro, ING, DSB and SNS Reaal in the Netherlands. Since 2010 she has traveled to Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Italy countless times to report on the euro crisis and its consequences for millions of southern European citizens. Together with correspondent Conny Keessen, she published a book about the Greek crisis in 2016: “Struggling on the edge of Europe.” (Published by Lebowski)

Harm Ede Botje

Harm is an investigative journalist working for Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland. He specializes in corruption cases in the oil industry and published groundbreaking stories on Shell in Nigeria, SBM Offshore in Brasil and Unaoil in Iraq.

Liesbeth Staats
Human Trafficking

Liesbeth Staats is a journalist. She was a reporter and presenter for the programs Brandpunt, EenVandaag and the NOS Jeugdjounaal. For the KRONCRV she made the series “The Baby Industry” last year about the abuses in the world of commercial surrogate mothers and anonymous egg donors. She is one of the presenters of VPRO’s Nooit Meer Slapen on NPO radio1. Liesbeth studied Dutch language and literature at the University of Amsterdam and literature at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Joost Schellevis
Biased Intelligence

Joost Schellevis (1989) is a tech journalist at Dutch public news broadcaster NOS. The subject of topics ranging from privacy and hacking to the increasing use of algorithms. Previously, he worked at Tweakers, a website about technology.

Joost van Onna
The Fraudster’s Mind

Dr. Joost van Onna is a senior advisor and researcher at the Functional Public Prosecutor’s Office (Public Prosecution Service) and Research Fellow at the Free University. In his dissertation Blurred Lines. The criminal development of white-collar offenders (2018), he investigated the criminal development of fraudsters.

Bram Vermeulen
Hidden In Plain Sight

Bram Vermeulen (1974) has been reporting from Africa, Turkey and the Middle East for NRC Handelsblad, NOS and Nieuwsuur since 2001. He wrote the book “Help, I became white” and presented 5 travel series at the VPRO, including “De Trek” and “Sahara”. He was chosen as journalist of the year in 2008 and won the Dick Scherpenzeel Prize, the Lira Correspondents Prize and the Herman Wekker Prize for his work. He has a cat named Caramel.

Mitra Nazar
Hidden In Plain Sight

Mitra Nazar (1980) has been a freelance journalist and correspondent in the Balkans for more than six years. From her place in Belgrade, she covers the Balkans / Southeast Europe. Since April 2017 she has been a multimedia correspondent for the NOS. She makes television, radio and online reports, and regularly writes background stories for magazines. Her areas of focus are the following countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Lucas Waagmeester
Child Labor

Lucas Waagmeester is a Dutch journalist. Over the past ten years, he was based as a correspondent for Dutch national broadcaster NOS News in three different continents. Exploitation, abuse of power, the effects of conflict and chaos on basic human are central themes in his work; first in South Africa and Zimbabwe, later in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and the past five years in Turkey.

Arjen van der Horst
Election fraud; ” Hacking the Vote!”

Arjen van der Horst was London correspondent in a period (2006-2014) when populist and eurosceptic forces were increasingly shaping and shaking up British politics. In 2014 he moved to the United States where he witnessed the rise of another populist revolt.

Jeroen Wester
Money Laundering 2.0

Jeroen Wester, investigative reporter at NRC Handelsblad, writes about health care, financial engineering and governance. He has written about private equity and privatization at the Business and Economics desk and has been a political correspondent for NRC Handelsblad in The Hague. He has won a number of awards (De Tegel, De Loep) for his work.

Pieter van Os
De Geest van de Fraudeur

Pieter van Os (1971) is a Dutch writer and journalist. He studied political theories in Minneapolis, Leiden and Barcelona. In the television program Pauw & Witteman, he regularly commented on political practice in The Hague. Together with Freke Vuijst, Van Os was nominated in 2007 for a Tegel-Award, in the news category, with two articles from Vrij Nederland about the illegal government support that Eveline Herfkens received while working at the UN in New York. Van Os wrote about his experiences as a political reporter: ‘We understand each other perfectly. The permanent stranglehold of the press and politics’.

Tom Kreling
Corruptie en Overheid

Tom Kreling (1980) works for the Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant and focuses mainly on tax tax avoidance, money laundering, corruption and financial irregularities. He was nominated for and won several prices for his work. In 2014 he wrote Giftig Krediet with Esther Rosenberg, about the collapse of the Dutch bank SNS Reaal caused by the real estate crisis.

Marieke de Vries
Sociaal Verantwoordelijk Ondernemen; “Fragiele Staten”

Marieke de Vries has been a Washington correspondent for Dutch Public Television (NOS) since 2019. Before, she was based in Beijing for 7 years, covering China and East Asia and witnessing the rise to power of Xi Jinping and China’s breakthrough on the world stage. She traveled extensively through China, the Korea’s and Japan.

Maurits Martijn
Verkiezingsfraude: We Pakken Je Stem!

Maurits Martijn (1981) is a journalist for De Correspondent. He is specialized in the impact of digital technologies, witch a special focus on data and surveillance. He won several awards for his work and his book co-authored with Dimitri Tokmetzis, Je hébt wel iets te verbergen was a bestseller with more then 60.000 copies sold.

Martine Kamsma
When the Shit Hits the Fan!

Martine Kamsma (1974) is an editor at NRC Handelsblad. She writes about food, where it comes from and how we handle it. This past Summer she wrote a four-part portrait series of Dutch farmers.


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