Nominations Anti Fraud Award 2019 announced

Nineteen names that have a chance of winning the Anti Fraud Award 2019 are known from today.
The Anti Fraud Award is intended as a token of appreciation for a person, an organization or an initiative that has demonstrably distinguished itself in the fight against fraud and is therefore an exemplary function and a source of inspiration for others.
The long list of nominations has been published today on the website of the Fraude Film Festival 2019 . It will be the sixth time this year that the Anti Fraud Award is presented. Last year this honor went to Bart de Koning for his book “Friendship Policy, Fraud and Corruption in the Netherlands”. Who will receive this prestigious prize this year will be announced on Thursday 3 October during the Fraude Film Festival. Previous winners of the Anti Fraud Award have been Ripped Off ?! (2014), Transparency International (2015), Peter Olsthoorn (2016), Team High Tech Crime (2017) and Bart de Koning (2018).

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