Anti Fraude Award

During the Fraud Film Festival  2018, the Anti Fraud Award will be awarded for the fifth time. according to you?

The Award

The Anti Fraud Award is meant as a way of appreciation to a person, an organization, or an initiative for a proven ability in the prevention of fraud, and therefore being an example and a source of inspiration to others.

The Anti Fraud Award is being awarded yearly to a person or organization who or which has made a special contribution in the prevention of fraud. The award is an initiative of the Fraud Film Festival Foundation. Each year the award winner is selected by a panel of experts amongst nominations, and notable and successful fraud initiatives. Everyone, both individuals and organizations, can be nominated for this award.


Everyone, both individuals and organizations, can be nominated for this award. A nomination will be reviewed by an Expert Committee on the following two criteria:

The nominee:

  • Has made a clear distinction in the field of fraud prevention
  • Is an inspiration to others

When making a choice, the Expert Committee will look at the field of fraud in the broadest sense: an intentional act by one or more persons in which deception is used to obtain an unjust advantage.

Regarding the qualification of being ‘distinctive’, it is taken into account whether the person, the organization or the initiative:

  • is effective and proactive in the fight against fraud:
  • is able to reach and set a large audience in motion;
  •  delivers a proven contribution to a resilient society

Excluded are:

  • Organizers (Steering Committee) of the Fraud Film Festival,
  • Directors of the Fraud Film Festival Foundation,
  • Members of the Expert Committee,
  • Secretary Employees AFA / Expert Committee;

Partners of the Fraud Film Festival can be eligible for nomination.

You can submit your nomination here. Don’t forget to include a motivation why you think that this candidate should win the Award. We are looking forward to receiving your nominations!

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