The Fraud Film Festival Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the organization of a film festival.

During this event, the phenomenon of fraud is being closely looked at from many points of view. Fraud is clearly big business. The earnings are high, the risks are low. By showing movies and documentaries this sensitive subject is made accessible to a large audience.

All the activities the Fraud Film Festival Foundation initiates, arise from this mission: stimulating and increasing (international) awareness on the impact of fraud.

To achieve this, the Fraud Film Festival brings different networks within the public and private sector together. Central aspects of the Festival are showing inspiring documentaries and engaging into critical debates. the Fraud Film Festival will always adopt a neutral and independent position in these debates.


In the future, the Fraud Film Festival Foundation has a vision to act as an international platform in the field of fraud, in which the Fraud Film Festival is an annual returning event.

The aim is to create a larger festival each year, in a both qualitative and quantitative (more partners, more public) way, to be able to bring the goal of the Foundation closer.

3 & 4 oct
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