Want to become our Partner?

The FFF cannot exist without partners. Their financial contribution, substantive input and extensive network make them an indispensable factor for the festival’s right to exist. Do you also want to contribute to this unique festival? We offer you the opportunity to become a partner.

The Fraud Film Festival offers the following partner options:

Funding Partner:
a. You adopt a program block with a fraud related theme. You get the exclusive right to give substance to this program block together with the Program Council of the Fraud Film Festival. This is an excellent platform for your organization to shed light on agenda items that you think deserve social attention from the general public.
b. Full exposure of the organization in relation to this block; by displaying the logo on the cinema screen, on the website and in the program booklet and possibly also involvement in the Q & amp; A.
c. Tickets for the festival. This concerns 30 admission tickets and 10 extra afternoon tickets for the first private day of the festival. You will also receive 20 tickets for the public day. You can use the cards to strengthen partner relationships or to visit the festival with your team.

The contribution for this package is € 26,000 per year. You can also opt for a three-year commitment. Then you will receive an annual discount of no less than € 3,000 and a long-term cooperation with the program council!

Combi Funding Partner
a. The Combi Funding Partner package is almost the same as the ‘Funding Partner’ package, with the difference that the program block is adopted together with another organization.
b. Within this package you will receive 15 day tickets and 5 extra afternoon tickets for day 1 and 10 tickets for day 2.

The contribution for this package is € 12,500 per year. If you opt for a three-year commitment, you will receive an annual discount of € 1,500.

Basic Partner
a. The name and logo of your organization are included in the program booklet and on the website, slightly smaller than with the Funding Partner packages.
b. You receive 8 day tickets and 2 afternoon tickets for day 1.

This package costs € 6,500 per year. If you opt for a three-year commitment, you will receive an annual discount of € 750.

Within the Funding and Combi Funding packages, customized work is also possible, such as Inhouse productions for a reduced rate, as well as educational and theatrical workshops and / or in-depth Breakout sessions at cost price. Ask us about the possibilities!!

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