The Fraud Film Festival cannot be organized without the contribution of our partners. Are you not yet a partner of the Fraude Film Festival? Then contact us without obligation about the possibilities!

Our current partners about their contribution to the Fraud Film Festival:

Founding Partners


“Fraud is a social phenomenon that is not only intended for specialists, but must be brought to the attention of a wide audience. This is to increase the resilience of society. It is time for all participants in society to take on their own role and not just see it as a task for the government. Through intensive public-private partnerships in this field, we can together bring BV Netherlands to a higher level of safety and integrity. This was the reason for ABN AMRO BANK to support the Fraud Film Festival. ”


“Together you achieve more than on your own and this has made Deloitte decide to position themselves as a partner during the Fraud Film Festival. According to Deloitte, the possibility for fraud professionals to exchange ideas and gain new insights contributes to a more targeted fight against fraud. Opening the Fraud Film Festival to the general public will certainly contribute to a social awareness of fraud and this is one of the goals Deloitte has in mind with this.

Deloitte chooses high-profile films every year in the theme “lawful but awful”. With this, Deloitte recognizes that organizations are more often than not confronted with non-conformity, which means that a cure is in ‘good’ research, not only what must be rooted. Deloitte is committed to reviewing time and again whether ‘good’ research can be improved, by shifting the focus to prevention rather than recovery, we focus on this every day. Making an impact that matters, also with the Fraud Film Festival.”


“We see that many different companies and organizations are working together to combat fraud from various specialization areas and blood groups. Public / private cooperation and a multidisciplinary approach (i.e. a combined deployment of different areas of expertise: financial, IT forensic, data analytical, legal, etc.) gives the best chance of a structured fight against fraud. Parties must get to know each other and look at the most efficient approach in creative and innovative ways.

We therefore wanted to organize an event that brings fraud prevention professionals together to look at fraud in a different way and to offer new insights. That was the reason for us to actually take up the idea of the Fraud Film Festival and to implement it with the indispensable help of all partners.”


Efficient Frontiers International

“Efficient Frontiers International (EFI) is a global, client focused services organization with an excellent team of industry experts. We are your partner in fighting financial crime, focusing on providing operational support to ensure regulatory compliance.

We are excited to be a partner of Fraud Film Festival, as we seek opportunities to meet and engage with liked-minded people and organizations from across multiple industries, in order to successfully combat fraud and other financial and economic crimes.”


“PwC wants to contribute to trust in society and help solve major problems. The Fraud Film Festival’s mission fits in perfectly with that: stimulating and increasing (international) awareness of the impact of fraud. Our partnership feels like a matter of course.

PwC is happy to help you prevent, detect and resolve fraud By combining our financial, administrative, legal and technological knowledge with in-depth practical experience in crisis situations, we can help you well, from awareness of critical business processes to successful business processes. implementation of improvement proposals. “


“As fraud investigators, we see time and again that fraud awareness is not yet in the DNA of the investigated company.

How do you get fraud awareness more on the retina and in your head? Precisely, by also displaying it in images and sound!

Film is an experience for everyone and also gives rise to a dialogue: companies, anti-fraud advisers, fraud investigators, lawyers, banks, police, FIOD, OM, regulators. This allows us to learn from each other to fight fraud together even better.

And that’s why BDO is happy to contribute to this fantastic initiative! ”

Business Forensics

“Over the years, the guild of fraudsters has always been very creative and inventive. Each time they know how to startle society with something new. BusinessForensics delivers standard solutions to detect and prevent existing, but also new forms of financial fraud. We do this with the help of software, data, and smartly configuring detection and follow-up. Exchanging knowledge at events such as this one is of great importance, in order to be able to share the latest working methods with each other and thus jointly limit the opportunity.“


“Fraud, subversive crime and other criminal acts are becoming more and more complex, more international and more digital. DataExpert sees the Fraud Film Festival as a invaluable opportunity to work together with other parties in the fight against these types of crime.”

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

”De Brauw’s Regulatory group advises and represents major corporations, financial institutions and prominent individuals in a wide range of regulatory and criminal enforcement matters regarding inter alia securities laws, insider trading, competition law, economic sanctions, anti-corruption laws and other regulatory regimes.

We are excited to participate in this year’s Fraud Film Festival as a partner and join the effort to reach out to the general public and raise awareness of fraud-related issues, as well as to engage in stimulating conversations with experts from various backgrounds, in the field of fraud prevention.”


“Building a better working world” is the mission of the EY organization. The working world becomes better by, among other things, conducting fraud investigations, investigating integrity violations and taking care of prevention processes.

This mission is also achieved by being involved as a partner in the Fraud Film Festival. Ernst & Young Forensic & Integrity Services, EY’s specialist department that conducts fraud investigations, provides compliance advice and conducts complex forensic IT investigations, believes it is important to cooperate in providing a forum where people can talk to each other about fraud and integrity breaches. Ernst & Young Forensic & Integrity Services has a strong international network of more than 4,500 (fraud & integrity) specialists who deal with fraud and integrity breaches on a daily basis.

The concept of the Fraud Film Festival is also seen as unique in an international context and Ernst & Young Forensic & Integrity Services Netherlands is therefore pleased to be associated with the festival as a partner.

Tax Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD)

“”The FIOD sees environment-oriented cooperation as indispensable in working on a financially secure Netherlands. The FFF is pre-eminently a platform where this collaboration, public and private, arises.””


Statement will follow soon

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Forensic aims to make a contribution to the law through private fact-finding at the highest level. We look forward to meeting others who pursue similar goals from different perspectives. The Fraud Film Festival provides that par excellence and can therefore expect a contribution from us.


“INFORM specializes in detecting and preventing fraud in digital payments and insurance claims by using smart technology, machine learning and fraud expertise. With RiskShield we offer a unique combination of innovation, reliability and targeted solutions for analyzing risk behavior for more than 60 financial institutions in Europe.

Since 2009, INFORM has been working closely with Dutch banks, transaction processors and insurers to combat financial and economic crime. The Fraud Film Festival offers us a special opportunity to further develop this successful collaboration. “

Royal Notary Professional Organization

“Fraud, corruption and the prevention and combating of it. These are also important and topical issues for the KNB. Fraud undermines mutual trust and harms society. Effective prevention and combating of this requires a joint effort by all parties involved. investigation and enforcement services and supervisors, but also of the notary.

The notary has a social responsibility based on his role and position. The KNB therefore promotes fraud awareness of the notarial profession in various ways and sees a role for the public in this.

The KNB considers the Fraud Film Festival a wonderful initiative. It brings together various parties from the chain of fraud prevention and control and makes the subject accessible to a wider audience. “

Duff & Phelps

“Fraud has many definitions and manifestations and often leads to major (social) damage. Duff & Phelps helps clients to determine the causes of fraud, determine the financial damage and prevent fraud. In our support, we work closely together with financial and legal specialists in combination with the stakeholders and / or supervisors of an affected company.

The Fraud Film Festival contributes to awareness about risks and the consequences of fraud and encourages cooperation between specialists, public and private. For Duff & Phelps the reason to actively support the festival. “

Dutch Banking Association (NVB)

“Becoming a victim of fraud or fraud can happen to anyone. Information to increase the knowledge and resilience of customers is essential. The Fraud Film Festival can make an important contribution here. That is why the Dutch Banking Association is a partner in this event. “

Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit

“The chance that you are confronted with food fraud is considerably greater than the chance that you will be the victim of a terrorist attack. Yet the latter inspires more fear. Very explainable, but perhaps not entirely justified. Because food fraud is not only unfair, it is also undermining and sometimes dangerous, because what if you buy almond flour to which secretly ground peanut has been added and you have a peanut allergy? These are often complex matters, which is why the NVWA has its own Intelligence and Investigation Service, which investigates food fraud, etc.

The Fraud Film Festival offers a special opportunity to draw attention to this form of fraud and then start a conversation about how public and private parties can tackle this together. “

Public Prosecution Service

“The Public Prosecution Service is the only body in the Netherlands that can bring suspects to the criminal court. If someone is suspected of committing a criminal offense, he or she will have to deal with the Public Prosecution Service (Dutch abbreviation: OM).
The OM ensures that criminal offenses are detected and prosecuted. For this purpose, we cooperate with the police and other investigative services.
The OM also supervises the proper execution of the judge’s judgment; fines must be paid, imprisonment served, community service orders properly executed.”

Pels Rijcken

Pels Rijcken is active in the field of social undermining. As a law firm and notary’s office, we are at the heart of society. We regularly assist clients from both the public and private sectors who are dealing with fraud and undermining. In the public sector, we do this in the context of the Bibob Act, among other things. We also advise on privacy and data exchange, including questions about the possibilities of data exchange with a view to tackling undermining.

We see added value in the collaboration of experts from different industries and disciplines to combat these complex problems and thus raise awareness about the impact of fraud. That is why Pels Rijcken has become a partner of the Fraud Film Festival.


“Rabobank strives to prevent and combat fraud with as many relevant partners as possible and sees this film festival as one of the means to optimize this.”


“The FFF is a great opportunity to start a conversation about corruption in the Netherlands, in particular about governmental bribery. Awareness is the first step towards defensible organizations.

The National Criminal Investigation Department. For an honest government. “


“Cyber fraud and identity theft are growing threats in today’s digital world. As bank whose customers are increasingly active online, we have a responsibility to provide a safe digital environment. In the fight against financial crime, we are the gatekeepers to the financial system.  It’s important that we are able to identify criminals who are misusing the financial system – both online and off. Of course, we can’t win this war alone, so we welcome national and international cooperation between banks,  law enforcement and regulators to strengthen the resilience of the financial system. And by partnering with the Fraud Film Festival we can raise greater public awareness of financial economic crime and empower people with knowledge to keep them – and their money – safe.”


more info soon

3 & 4 oct
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